Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get The Bugs Out! Program Review

Aren't we all thinking about the Primary Program morning noon and night! I know I am! And soon enough the nightmares (literally) will come. This is my first program as a Music Leader, but not my first in general (I served in a Primary Presidency for a few years).

I saw a cute idea to "get the bugs out" and needed to simplify it to save time. 

Simple poster board with a grid for each song we're singing.
Printed out bug pictures.
The first week we sang as many program songs as we could, identified the "bugs" (singing too fast or too slow, not loud enough, mixing up a few words), and stuck a bug or two in each song section.
The second week, we worked on getting rid of those bugs! I had an empty spray bottle with a sign taped on that said "bug spray." After we eradicated the bugs in a song, one kid got to come up and "spray" that bug!

At the end, I passed out gummy worms!

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