Monday, May 20, 2013

Word of Wisdom!

This upcoming Sunday, the Sharing Time topic is about the Word of Wisdom!

I might do what I did last year for that topic! It was pretty fun!

First I pointed out to the kids that the Word of Wisdom can be abbreviated as "WOW" the Lord loves me so much that He has given us a list of things that we should and shouldn't partake of, to help us avoid addictions and help avoid things that cause us to lose our ability to have a clear mind and make good choices, or do our part to try to keep our body free of diseases! 

And then I showed them that you can make a W O W sign with your hands: One hand with three fingers up for "W" then make an "O" shape with your mouth and then the other hand also with a "W" -- they liked that!

I wanted to do something fun, so I brought in a set of things that add flavor to our foods. I told the kids they are all natural, and help people enjoy their healthy food even more because of the added flavor. It was a fun guessing game.

I took spices from our cupboard and covered up the labels with paper so they couldn't read them. Called a kid up, had them guess the smell...and if they could then they picked out something from a bag of objects that I brought. And sang the corresponding song!

Cinnamon, garlic powder, vanilla, herbs, etc. Pick your favorites! They actually had some amazing guesses! One kid guessed turmeric!

Objects and songs:
Dumbbell -- For Health and Strength
Temple model -- The Lord Gave Me a Temple
Soap -- The Word of Wisdom
Shoe -- Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Pillow or small clock -- Healthy Wealthy and Wise

You can also try to squeeze in the songs for the year into the list and make it relevant to the topic!

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