Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year in Review!

I thought it would be a FUN and EASY Singing Time this past Sunday, the last Sunday of the year, to do a Year in Review Singing Time!

I made up a timeline four-sheets-of-paper long (taped together). 
I like to tape signs etc. to the podium using Painter's Tape (blue) because the tape is wide and strong, doesn't ruin anything, and is so handy to have in my bag!

I picked the songs to sing that we'd performed for the ward for holidays etc.
Easter (He Sent His Son)
Mother's Day (I Often Go Walking)
Father's Day (Fathers)
4th of July (we have a picnic) (My Country 'Tis of Thee)
Pioneer Day (Covered Wagons)

We got a little kooky. I happened to have a black light (the kind that glows purple-y when shining on white) lightbulb so I brought that in and a lab coat I have, as well as some futuristic costume glasses. We pretended to go back in time! 

I had a volunteer kid come up for each song, don the lab coat and glasses and I asked them to also mess up their hair a bit to really get into "mad scientist" mode. I had the lights turned off, turned on the black light, everyone made a funny "going back in time" sound, and I had the volunteer kid take the black light (which was in a caged lamp thingy my husband uses for home projects), and shine it on the date we were going back to.

We sang the song, then moved onto the next volunteer mad scientist and song.

Simple and fun!
And also really encouraging how well the kids remembered the songs that we'd pretty much only sung for those special events and not again after. I did bring in my visual aids, so I guess that helped!

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