Sunday, November 4, 2012

Container of Props for Nursery!

When I was first called, Nursery was part of my job. It was logistically really tough for me, to juggle 10 minutes there across the building and two 20-minute Junior and Senior Singing Times. After talking with our Primary President, she was more than willing to have the Nursery do music themselves. I've seen Music Leaders do Nursery and I've seen them not do Nursery. If it works, it's great. But if it doesn't, I think it's always a good idea to talk with your Primary President and ask to simplify simplify!

When I was in there, though, I decided to make it easier on myself and put together a big container of props. I put in a small Children's Songbook so I didn't have to lug my big Songbook with me....and I had the following list printed up and in the box too.
That way I could show up, get out the box, and start!
A lot of the props below can be found in dollar stores, Target's dollar section, craft stores, etc. It doesn't have to cost a lot and many props you can make yourself with things around the house. 

The kids really loved it!

1st Article of Faith, 122
Bell bracelet
If You’re Happy and You Know It, 266
In the Leafy Treetops, 240
Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Stories, 118
Cotton Balls
Popcorn Popping, 242
Roll Your Hands, 274 / My Hands, 273
Jesus Said Love Everyone, 61
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man, 281
President Monson pic
Follow the Prophet, 110
Rattle eggs
Do As I’m Doing, 276
Ribbon sticks
Give Said the Little Stream, 236
Sacrament Cup
The Chapel Doors, 156
Seattle Temple
I Love to See the Temple, 95
Smiley Flower
Smiles, 267
I Am Like a Star, 163
Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, 60
Rain Is Falling, 241

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