Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sing or Dare

This was a pretty fun Singing Time and a fun way to review!

I saw this on another chorister blog: Sing or Dare!
Took two 12"x18" sheets of yellow paper and created a "road sign" look to them.

The kids had the choice of SING or DARE. 
SING had different ways to sing the songs we were reviewing.
DARE had a fun quick question or silly activity.
For my ease, I had the SING and DARE cues/clues/directions taped to the back of their respective signs.

It was a nice way to keep the kids engaged and participatory!


  1. What do you do when it says "Use the Slinky"?

    1. Oh sorry - that wasn't clear! I have a little slinky and what we'd do is either I'd hold it or one kid would come up to the front and hold it. You hold it like and accordion and open it all the way for them to slooooowly sing or close it tightly for them to sing faster...or anywhere in between. It is pretty fun!