Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day!

I honestly wouldn't have had it on my radar that St. Patrick's Day was on Sunday if not for the Facebook group for Primary Music Leaders and other blogs.


One of our school colors happens to be green, so we have some fun green "stuff" for a leprechaun to wear including a sequined fedora. And one of our Primary teachers in the Senior group is named Patrick! So all of that got me thinking.

Here are my thoughts that I need to finalize, but I thought I'd throw it all out there in case it helps someone.
I plan to create a big rainbow visual with a "real" pot of gold at the end but the pot will be empty.
Our leprechaun will have to tell us where he hid the gold.
We'll have paper shamrocks with a song on the back and a clue from the leprechaun on how to sing:
"If you want my pot of gold, you must sing this very bold!"
We'll talk about Lucky vs. Blessed.
And sing the below songs.

The pot of gold will be a big vase of Rolos (or some other gold candy), to pass out at the end.
And behind the pot of gold will be a picture of the Savior to show that he's our real treasure!

I know we won't get through all of these, but I love that it's a fun way to review the songs we've already learned this year!

I Am A Child of God 2 / We are lucky to have a Father in Heaven who loves us
A Young Man Prepared 166 / We are lucky to have missionaries to teach us

My Heavenly Father Loves Me 228 / We are lucky to live in a beautiful world

If the Savior Stood Beside Me / We are lucky to be able to feel Jesus' love through the Holy Ghost

Families Can Be Together Forever 188 / We are lucky to have temples so that our families can be together forever 

Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes 275 / We are lucky to have bodies

When I Am Baptized 103 / We are lucky to be able to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost

I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ 77 / We are lucky to be members of the Church

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet 19 / We are lucky to have a prophet


  1. What is the facebook page called?

  2. It's called LDS Primary Choristers!
    Try this link!