Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tithing Singing Time

I made a HUGE purse to fit some HUGE paper money I made. I figured the bigger the better to get the kids' attention.
So I took my BIG dollar bills out of my big purse and we talked about tithing and what it pays for!
We sang a song about each answer and I had a secondary activity to do WHILE we were singing (for the most part) to keep them on their toes.

Answer: Temples! Building, maintaining, and operating temples and church buildings.
Song: I Love to See the Temple
Activity: I asked the oldest class to NOT sing every 10th word!

Answer: Family History work! Couldn't do this without temples!
Song: Family History, I Am Doing It
Activity: Stand up and sway side to side until the 10th beat where we jump! (this was cute to watch)

Answer: Missionary program!
Song: I Hope They Call Me On a Mission
Activity: We tried to list 10 missionaries we knew from our ward currently serving or recently returned

Answer: In the late 1800s pioneers paid their tithing in livestock, crops, or work
Song: The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden
Activity: Tried to list 10 animals/crops the pioneers might have had, and sang as one of those animals (moo'd the melody, could also baa the melody etc.)

To finish we sang Nephi's Courage, because it takes courage to have faith to pay tithing!

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