Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Singing Time!

I really wanted Singing Time this past Sunday to be a Valentine's Day theme! I love the holiday!
After asking on blogs and a Facebook Primary group, I found the perfect mesh of different ideas. It's important to find what works for your own Primary.

I cut out 12 big construction paper hearts, meant to look like those Sweethearts hearts above, with different messages on the front. The words are actually from the corresponding song! Taped them with blue painter's tape (one of my favorite tools in my bag!) to the podium and had a kid come up, pick a heart, guess what the song was (with the rest of the kids' help) and then we sang the song.

It was neat to see how well they knew all of these songs -- at the very least they knew the melody and some of the words! And it was fun to take a break from learning Program songs!

At the end, they each got a spoonful of the hearts!

4 EVER                      Families Can Be Together Forever, pg. 188
BIG KISS                         Daddy's Homecoming, pg. 210
CALL ME                         Quickly I'll Obey, pg. 197
DIG ME                           Prophet Said to Plant a Garden, pg. 237
HEART OF GOLD              Golden Plates, pg. 86
I DO                              Mother I Love You, pg. 207
I LOVE YOU                  The Dearest Names, pg. 208
I’M GLAD                        My Heavenly Father Loves Me, pg. 228
LOVE                             I Feel My Savior's Love, pg. 74
SMILE                       Smiles, pg. 267
THE BEST                   When I Am Baptized, pg. 103
WISE UP                          Wise Man and Foolish Man, pg. 281

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